Muebles Cuevas is an artistic furniture collaboration project located in the border city of Tijuana, Baja California.


Our collections of objects and furniture are inspired in mid-century designs that focus on simple shapes, horizontal lines, subtlety and flow.


Our goal is to design and build beautiful objects that spark joy. We revel in the ability to admire and touch that which inspires and attracts us. We believe that contemplation can be two-sided: we observe a delicate object that, throughout our lifetime and generations to come, observes us in return.


We’re drawn to designs and aesthetics that are concrete, dynamic, and elegant. Similarly, we’re enticed to collaborate and work collectively with like-minded people that share the way we conceive design, space, forms and tones, as well as ideas of functionality and elegance.


The materials we choose for each piece are a fundamental part of our production. We strive to use materials that work in harmony with the planet. We use certified FSC wood, from responsible forestry, ensuring an accountable use of land to protect the environment.