Muebles Cuevas is a project dedicated to creating furniture and stimulating artistic collaborations. We are located in the border city of Tijuana, Baja California.

We offer a collection of furniture and objects inspired by Mid-Century design, featuring simple shapes, horizontal lines, subtlety, and flow.

Our goal is to design and construct beautiful objects. Our starting point is the joy brought on by touching an inspiring and enticing object. We believe that the experience of contemplation can be a two-way encounter: observing an exquisite object that also observes us back.

We are drawn both to design and a particular aesthetic: dynamic and elegant at the same time. We are also drawn to the idea of collaboration and collective work with a variety of individuals with whom we share similar conceptions of design, space, shape, and color, as well as ideas of functionality and elegance.

The materials we use for the fabrication of our furniture are the foundation of our work. We ensure that our production process is in harmony with stewardship of our planet. We use FSC Certified wood from forests with controlled logging, thus guaranteeing responsible land use in order to protect the environment.